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The International Alphorn Festival of Nendaz


The group was founded in 1998 by Aimé Devènes, who was the first pioneer with regards to the alphorn in Nendaz, joined later by his two sons Antoine and Olivier.

During its existence, the group has been able to rely on the best alphorn players with Pierre-Alain Bidaud and Gérald Pot . The group is now composed of 14 players directed by Antoine Devènes and presided by Gérard Devènes.

In collaboration with Nendaz Tourisme, the group continues to entertain the resort (Easter serenade, welcome soup, Nendaz’s markets, 1st of August).
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In 2004, influenced by Antoine Devènes and Pierre-Alain Bidaud, the promotional quartet was created. In cooperation with Nendaz Tourisme, Valais Tourisme and Suisse Tourisme, it promotes the Valais region, Nendaz ... and the alphorn in general throughout Switzerland and abroad, with quality musical performances.

The quartet counts ...five members, which allows a high availability for its engagements :

Antoine Devènes (responsable),
Gérard Devènes,
Nicolas Devènes,
Olivier Devènes,
Nathalie Monory.